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Portland Eireannach have been drawn to play against Denver at the Nationals in San Francisco. This game will be played Friday September 1st at 9:30am

The 'Mark' rule explained


1. The referee shall award “the mark” by blowing the whistle.


2. “On or past the 45m line” shall mean that both feet of the catcher are on or past the 45m line when he catches the ball or on landing.


3. In order to signify that he wishes to take a free-kick, the player who catches the ball and has been awarded a “mark” by the referee should stop playing. If he does not obviously stop then it should be taken that he is “playing on”.


4. “Challenged” as mentioned in the rule is taken as “tackle” as defined; once the player plays on he may be tackled after four steps or once he plays the ball in any way.


5. All players must be at least 13 metres from where “the mark” is awarded.


6. When a player who is awarded a “mark” is injured, any team mate may take the free kick, which must be taken from the hands. The player in question may not score directly from the kick. (Current rule states that only the “nearest team mate” may take the free kick).


7. In order to be awarded a “Mark”, the ball must not have been touched in flight by another player.

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